I’m a LIFESTYLE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER based out of eastern North Carolina.  My clients are often around the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Cary), but you’ll always find me up for a trip to the beach or to the mountains to capture my families in unique settings.  

I LOVE WHAT I DO.  Why?  Because I believe in family.  To me, family is a gift.  It’s a chance to shape the future, an opportunity to display love.  It’s moments of grace mixed in with moments of insanity.  It’s a place of comfort, rest, creativity and nourishment.  Family gives us the chance to flourish and to excel...and I believe something this special should be photographed.  

My JOURNEY in photography is happenstance.  I have two other degrees that have nothing to do with photography.  I’m self-taught (with the help of a few mentors) and find photography to be the perfect creative outlet for this split type A/B brain of mine.  

I LIVE in rural NC with two amazing dudes.  Dude one is my husband...he’s the best.  Dude two is our son...he’s second best.  We’ve got several dogs, a few turtles and a little plot of land that we call home.

I LOVE the following things in no particular order:  glitter, Canon, baseball, sunshine, PDQ lemonade, big sky views, Green Bay, and always, always, always the METS.