Having your family's portraits made is an investment. It's an investment in your memories, your emotions, your connection.  In the years to come as you look at the photographs from your family's session, you'll be taken back to that day.  You'll remember what the weather was like, what the breeze felt like, what your children's laughter sounded like.  You'll remember what it felt like to snuggle them closely, to feel them try to wriggle away from your grasp and how they giggled and smiled when you tickled them. This is the power of a photograph and I believe whole heartedly in bringing that connection to my clients in the sessions and products I offer.  I base my investment structure on physical products you can hold in your hands.  I strive to bring excellent quality products at a price point that's affordable so my clients can fill their homes with their artwork...their memories.    

Session Types and Fees:

Family Session:  $550 (includes $400 credit toward your print investment)

Baby's First Year: $550 (sessions at birth, 6 months, and 1 year)

Senior Portraits: $550 (includes $400 credit toward your print investment)

For more details regarding pricing and your investment, inquire by clicking the Let's Chat tab at the top of the page.